2014 Line-of-Duty Deaths: Third Quarter Report

Since the beginning of 2014, there have been a total of 90 line-of-duty deaths within the law enforcement community in the United States. The IACP compiled data from both The Officer Down Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Of the 90 fatalities:

  • 38 were the result of firearms-related incidents
  • 34 were the result of traffic-related incidents
  • 15 were the result of medical-related incidents
  • 3 were the result of other miscellaneous incidents

A significant statistic for the 2014 third quarter report is that there have been 16 firearms-related ambush attacks, versus seven for all of 2013. The IACP provides information regarding ambush attacks against law enforcement through the Ambush Fact Sheet, highlighting statistics on ambush situations that a police officer can encounter on any given day.

Consistent with the IACP 1st and 2nd quarter reports for 2014, firearms and traffic-related incidents continue to account for the majority of line-of-duty officer deaths.

Of the 34 traffic-related fatalities:

  • 25 officers were killed in automobile crashes
  • 6 officers were struck and killed while outside their vehicle
  • 3 officers were killed in motorcycle crashes

Of the 38 firearms-related deaths:

  • 36 officers were killed feloniously, 16 of which can be classified as ambushes
  • 2 officer was killed by accidental gunfire

The IACP recognizes the prevailing threat of the criminal use of firearms for law enforcement officers. Because of its significance to an officer’s well-being, the IACP has created or established:

  • Violence Against the Police– The IACP and the Bureau of Justice Assistance disseminate actionable information and resources to prevent felonious assaults against law enforcement.
  • Ambush Project– The IACP, along with CNA, conducted research on officer ambushes, which will be used to create policy guidelines for future prevention of ambush attacks.
  • Gun Violence Reduction– an initiative with the priority of offering training and providing technical assistance to police officers in order to enhance their gun violence reduction strategies.


It is the IACP’s position that no injury to or death of a law enforcement professional is acceptable, and the IACP Center for Officer Safety and Wellness strives to improve awareness on all aspects of officer safety. To learn more and to share best practices pertaining to officer safety and wellness please visit http://www.iacp.org/CenterforOfficerSafetyandWellness or contact the Center staff at officersafety@theiacp.org.

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Conference Spotlight: Learning Lab Track

LearningLabTrackFor this week’s IACP 2014 Education blog series, we’re looking at the Learning Lab Track. Ever hear about a new technology or idea and had to figure out how to work it yourself? Well, the Learning Lab Track gives you the opportunity to learn WHILE you try it out! Look for this icon on our conference website and app to indicate Learning Lab workshops.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be providing live demonstrations and hands-on training for the National Data Exchange (N-DEx) in their Learning Lab “Investigative Success: Connecting the Dots through the Power of the National Data Exchange.” In addition, learn key tips for preventing the loss of life in law enforcement scenarios when resources are scarce in “Tactical Medical for the Law Enforcement Officer.”

Thermo Scientific will also introduce a TruNarc, a new test proven to speed up dangerous drug identification – and you can use it in the field! Come by on Monday, October 27, at 1:00 PM to see what all this is about!

These unique workshops and many more are available throughout the entirety of conference, October 25-28, at the Orange County Convention Center – West Building in Orlando, Florida. The benefits of attending IACP 2014 are numerous and the Learning Lab Track makes up many of those pros!

Do you have questions about registration, housing or transportation? Our official conference website, www.theIACPconference.org, offers plenty of helpful information if you have any questions that need answering!

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IACP South American Executive Policing Conference

Last week, the IACP held the Regional Executive Policing Conference in Florianopolis, Brazil.  The first day the conference featured a presentation on the regional drug perspective from different organizational points of view.

Brazil PicThe panel members (pictured from left to right) included: Lizette Yrizarry, Regional Special Agent in Charge for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Moderator and past IACP International Vice President Colonel Nelson Garcia, Mr. Oslain Santana Director of the Brazilian Federal Police Organized Crime Division, and Major General Marina Luz Bustos Deputy Director of the Colombian National Police and IACP World Regional Chair for South America.

Each shared their own successes and challenges for dealing with the drug problem in the region as well as shared their vision for the future. Representing the IACP was President Yost Zakhary, Vice President and Treasurer Dwight Henninger, International Vice President Barbara Fleury, World Regional Chair for South America Major General (Colombia) Marina Luz Bustos, and the Director of the International Policing Division Paul Santiago.

This successful conference series is held yearly in Brazil, so be on the lookout in the coming months for the IACP to announce the next conference venue.

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Conference Spotlight: IACP Programs and Research Track

IACPProgramsResearchTrackHow well do you know IACP’s numerous programs and research initiatives? Well, in this week’s IACP 2014 Education blog series, we’re highlighting the workshops in this year’s IACP Programs and Research Track. Look for this icon on the website and app to indicate workshops from this track.

Here are this year’s workshops:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease in the Community: Officer Safety and Liability Implications
  • Buying in Before a Blast: Local Agencies Countering Violent Extremism
  • Executive Leadership and Liability: Lessons Learned
  • IACP’s Women’s Leadership Institute: Developing Your Future Female Leaders
  • Innovations from Midsize Agencies: Benchmarking Police Performance, Fiscal Accountability for Officers and Leadership Development through Inter-Agency Exchange
  • Inspiring Change: Interrupting the Cycle of Violence By Responding to Children Exposed to Violence
  • Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO): A Necessary Investment in Leadership Development and Organizational Change
  • On the Front Lines of Child Sex Trafficking
  • Recruiting a New Brand of Officer in a New Era of Policing
  • Risky Business: Risk Assessment Is Proven to Increase Officer and Public Safety… What Chiefs Need to Know and Do
  • Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Teams: Perceptions versus Reality
  • Tactics for Developing a Culture of Safety Through Leadership
  • The Drive to Reduce Highway Deaths: Reducing Highway Fatalities by 15 Percent
  • You Have Options Program: Providing Victims of Sexual Assault with Options for Reporting to Law Enforcement with Information to Hold Sexual Offenders Accountable

While we’re on the topic of the IACP, head on over to our official website, www.theiacp.org, to view our numerous publications, model policies and much more!

Remember, IACP 2014 is being held from October 25-28 in the Orange County Convention Center – West Building in Orlando, Florida. Questions? Check out the official conference website at www.theiacpconference.org.

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IACP 2014? Yes, There Is an App for That!

Wondering how to get the most up-to-date information on workshops, exhibitors, and attractions at IACP 2014? Well, coming off of the rousing successes of the past three IACP annual conference apps is the IACP 2014 app! With all of the features from last year, plus some NEW features, you’ll never miss a moment at the conference.

One of the great things about the IACP 2014 app is its price: FREE. For Android or Apple devices, you can download it from your app store; for Blackberrys and all other web-enabled phones, plug this URL into your mobile web browser: http://m.core-apps.com/iacp2014. Have a tablet or iPad? No worries! The app is compatible with those as well. Additionally, you can scan the QR code below and it will automatically direct your browser to the proper version of the app your phone needs!


Having the app is literally having the conference program in the palm of your hand… plus some extra material. Check out this list of all you can do with the app:

  • The Dashboard: Stay organized with up-to-the-minute exhibitor, speaker and event information.
  • My Schedule: Plan your schedule with one click. Take notes and rate workshops you attend.
  • Maps: Navigate the convention center and use the interactive Expo Hall map to help you navigate the show floor.
  • Workshops, Meetings and Events: Access a complete list of workshops, meetings and networking events.
  • Daily Resources/General Info: View everything you need from Registration Hours to Connection Zone locations. See services available for delegates and exhibitors.
  • Alerts: Receive important real-time communications from IACP staff.
  • Twitter: Follow and join in on the show chatter.
  • Blog: Read the latest blog posts from IACP staff, board members and your fellow attendees.
  • Exhibitors: Locate exhibitors, read company descriptions, bookmark your favorite exhibitors to visit and take notes for future reference.
  • Explore: Find local attractions, restaurants, and shopping near the convention center.

Are you convinced yet? You should be! Make sure you download the app before heading to Orlando. Remember, IACP 2014 is being held from October 25-28 at the Orange County Convention Center’s West Building in Orlando, Florida, so come prepared with the conference app.

Do you have questions about IACP 2014? Visit our conference website here.

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Conference Spotlight: International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers (IMPACT) Track

IMPACT_TrackNext up on our IACP 2014 Education blog series… the International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers (IMPACT) Track! Look for this icon to indicate workshops from this track.

This track spans law enforcement training around the world, encouraging the sharing of ideas, tools, and experiences to further the professionalization of our profession. Here are just a couple sessions to intrigue you:

Police Academies of the Future: Meeting the Needs of the Next Generation: As the world continues to evolve, so do law enforcement agencies and the personnel that make up the departments. Learn about how to incorporate methods and ideas on how to meet the needs of the incoming Millenials and juggle a multigenerational department.

Transnational Crime: Police Reforms Meeting the Challenge: As the world changes rapidly, crime changes with it. Transnational crime is reshaping how police agencies train their personnel in order to counter terrorism, corruption initiatives and criminal networks. This session will provide fresh insight on how your department can work transnational crime prevention into your police academy.

These and other workshops are available in the IMPACT Section Track, which offers sessions throughout the conference from October 25-28 in Orlando, Florida. Don’t miss out on these important topics and networking opportunities at IACP 2014!

Questions? Check out our official conference website at www.theIACPconference.org.

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IACP Talks Partnership with Pretrial Services

NAPSA_LogoAt the 2014 National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA) Annual Conference held September 7-10 in Denver, CO, the IACP partnered with the National Association of Counties on the opening plenary panel discussion, “Partners in Pretrial Reform: How to Effectively Engage Law Enforcement and Local Elected Officials.”

Chief Frank Straub, Spokane, WA, represented IACP’s perspective as member of IACP’s Pretrial Justice Champions Group. The panel addressed the value of pretrial risk assessment and risk-based release to both public safety and to responsible fiscal management.

Chief Straub commented to the more than 650 pretrial service providers in attendance, “We were just arresting everyone and taking them to jail and finally, common sense set in. We asked ourselves, ‘Who do we send to jail? Why? Does it make sense? Can we afford it?’ We know that we need strong reentry resources, but really, we need to make sure we have appropriate entry procedures. Pretrial detention or release decisions should be risk-based so that we detain the right people for the right reasons.”

NAPSA Conference attendees were encouraged to be risk takers and collaboration builders and reach out to law enforcement leaders and local elected officials to engage them in supporting pretrial services, including the use of a validated risk assessment tool to inform detain/release decisions.

At the 2013 NAPSA Conference, IACP was presented with the Partners Award for the proactive work of the Pretrial Justice Reform Initiative, which is supported by the Public Welfare Foundation. To learn more about how IACP is encouraging law enforcement to be proactive partners with pretrial services providers, visit www.theiacp.org/pretrial or contact Program Manager Dianne Beer-Maxwell at maxwell@theiacp.org.

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IACP Names New Deputy Executive Director

The IACP is pleased to announce the appointment of Commissioner Gwen Boniface (retired) as its deputy executive director.

Commissioner Boniface previously served as the Transnational Organized Crime Expert with the United Nations Police Division, New York, where she was tasked with addressing organized crime in conflict and post-conflict countries, particularly West Africa.

Prior to working for the United Nations, Commissioner Boniface served for three years in Ireland as the Deputy Chief Inspector of the Garda Síochána Inspectorate, an oversight mechanism established for An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s national police service.

In addition, Commissioner Boniface spent thirty years with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Canada where she started as constable and retired as Commissioner in 2006. During this time she was president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as a Commissioner with the Law Commission of Canada.  She is also the recipient of the Order of Merit of Police Forces and the Order of Ontario.

Commissioner Boniface is a long-time member of the IACP, and has served as the general chair of the IACP’s Division of State and Provincial Police, and as a member of IACP’s Board of Officers and Executive Committee.

Commissioner Boniface is a graduate of York University and a law graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School.


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Webinar to explore using data to help predict and prevent traffic accidents and fatalities

Police departments throughout the U.S. have been trying for years to find ways to cut the number of accidents and fatalities occurring on the country’s highways. But one solution—based on data analytics—has begun to generate a lot of attention (and a fair amount of success) recently.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is using sophisticated analytic software to help reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. The Crash Reduction Analyzing Statistical History program—or C.R.A.S.H.—helps predict where and when traffic accidents are most likely to occur, so highway patrol teams can be deployed to trouble spots ahead of time and head off potential crashes or offer immediate assistance in cases where accidents do occur.

Funded by federal grants, the system analyzes data on everything from weather patterns and accident histories to special events and home football schedules to help pinpoint likely problems. And thanks to IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics technology, the program has achieved a 72 percent accuracy rate in its first six months.

Attend a free webinar on Thursday, September 18 at 2 pm EDT and learn more about how the program works and what the future may hold for programs like this. Register now at http://event.on24.com/clients/IBMSWG/THP_webinar?partnerref=IACPblog

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Conference Spotlight: Police Physicians Section Track

PolicePhysiciansSectionTrackFeatured in this week’s IACP 2014 Education blog series is the Police Physicians Section Track, which focuses on increasing communication between police executives and medical practitioners… all with the goal of bettering the health and wellness of each member of your law enforcement agency. Look for this icon to indicate workshops from this track.

One example of a workshop in this track is “Civilian Response to Mass Casualty Events: The Concept of Pre-First Response.” Learn how to train law enforcement officers AND civilians on providing basic first aid and stabilization techniques to those injured until EMS can arrive.

With body-worn cameras coming to the forefront in policing, another timely seminar you should check out is “Event Video versus Officer Recall: Liability Considerations,” focusing on the differences between what the video recordings of law enforcement proceedings show and what the officer remembers. Donald Dawes, an emergency physician with the Lompoc Valley Medical Center, and Jeffrey Ho, Deputy Sheriff for Meeker County, Minnesota, will present valuable insight on this topic to IACP 2014 attendees.

So if you’re looking to implement tried-and-true methods to improve your department’s medical wellness, come to IACP 2014 and check out the Police Physicians Section Track! Workshops are offered from Sunday, October 26, through Tuesday, October 28.

Have questions? Visit our conference website at www.theIACPconference.org to register, book your hotel or browse the online workshop listings!

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