What’s New at IACP 2011?

One of the reasons why law enforcement executives keep coming back to the annual IACP conferences is that they know what to expect: world-class education sessions, unparalleled networking opportunities with peers from around the globe, and access to cutting-edge products and services on the exposition hall floor.

Networking at the conference

Attendees of IACP 2010 network on the exhibit hall floor. The Innovation Theatre at IACP 2011 will enable similar conversations. (Photo by Convention Photo by Joe Orlando)

As important as the known is the unknown, though. So what’s new at IACP 2011?

The annual IACP conference is continually evolving. At IACP 2011 in Chicago this October, we are excited to extend additional education to the exhibit hall floor.

The Innovation Theatre provides a platform for smart thinkers, visionaries, and inspiring educators to communicate ideas worth spreading. In fewer than 20 minutes, attendees will learn about cutting-edge processes and products that they can apply at their home agencies.

Presentations will take place Sunday, October 23 through Tuesday, October 25, beginning each day at 11:00 a.m. on the exhibit hall floor in the center of the 1600 aisle. Don’t worry about possibly forgetting this in three month’s time—signage in the exhibit hall will point you in the right direction.

For information, to register, and to secure housing, visit http://www.theiacpconference.org.

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