“Meet the Bloggers”: A Session Planned to Explain Social Media and Promote the IACP Center for Social Media

Guest Blogger: Lynn Hightower, Communications Director, Public Information Officer, Boise, Idaho, Police Department

And now for something completely different . . .

Social media is a very hot topic for law enforcement right now. I’m not referring to policies for employees (albeit, another very important issue), but rather to outreach; that is, using social media to improve police-public information sharing.

The IACP Center for Social Media, about one year ago, started a blog much like this one. I am honored to be a contributor. And I’m very honored to be among the other blog contributors who are some of the best social media practitioners in law enforcement from the United States and Canada.

Come and see these leaders in the field at the IACP 2011 “Meet the Bloggers” session, Monday, October 24, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., in room W187AB of McCormick Place West in Chicago, Illinois.

Be forewarned, this session will be a bit freewheeling—like the blog! The bloggers, most of whom I’ve come to know personally in other training sessions, are knowledgeable, creative, curious types who are also really fun to be around! We all work in different cities but meet daily in this new frontier of social communications, using proactive public outreach, balancing the personal with the professional, and engaging with ethics.

Meet the Bloggers” will be more like a coffee-table chat than a formal discussion. We will bounce around the panel, talking about our own blogs and those of others; what’s working, and what’s not; and continue the discussion with questions from the audience. The session should be relaxed and impromptu, insightful and useful.

Hopefully, the session will leave you wanting more, and you’ll want to be a new follower of the blog, logging on to learn something new about what’s happening with law enforcement and social media. See you first thing on Monday, October 24!


IACP 2011 has special workshops covering social media issues for law enforcement. For information, to register, and to secure housing, visit http://www.theiacpconference.org.

The IACP Center for Social Media has a corresponding blog, The Social Media Beat. Bloggers include IACP staff and practitioners in the field who can provide a unique frontline perspective about law enforcement’s use of social media. For more on social media best practices, visit http://blog.iacpsocialmedia.org.

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