A Special Message from the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department

Garry F. McCarthy, Superintendent

As the 118th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) approaches, I am enthused in anticipating so many police executives and guests visiting Chicago.

Although this is the fifth time (1893, 1926, 1933, 1956, and now 2011) our city has hosted this important law enforcement event, it will be the first time some of the conference’s more than 14,000 attendees will experience the attractions that have earned Chicago its reputation as a world-class destination. I am pleased to welcome every IACP member who is here locally, nationally, or from abroad to engage ideas that are in the forefront of law enforcement today.

It is my experience that professionals who are drawn to a career in law enforcement have great passion for this noble work. I know there will be tremendous energy at the conference as we are able to discuss important issues facing our agencies and our communities, learn best practices from one another, and see the latest in police technology and equipment.

I encourage each of you to find the same excitement and innovation inside of the convention center and all that Chicago has to offer while you are here. I look forward to the start of the conference and hope to see you there.


Garry F. McCarthy
Chicago Police Department

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