International Policing Division Steering Committee: What Is Its Role and Composition?

Guest Blogger: David Beer, International Policing Advisor, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

If you understand the nature and the demands of international policing as teamwork, networking, partnering, and mutual support, then you will immediately recognize the practical function of the steering committee.

The International Policing Division’s Steering Committee is a diverse group of international representatives with a mandate to help set the agenda and the direction of the International Policing Division. Some members are appointed by the International Vice President in consultation with the IACP’s Board of Officers. The vast majority, however, are members by virtue of the positions they hold in the IACP, such as World Regional Chairs, or because organizations they represent have been recommended by the existing members in consultation with the Board of Officers.

There is flexibility in the size of the committee, and while it is rare to have all positions filled at any particular time, a steering committee of approximately 40 people is common. This all said, it will be of no surprise to you to learn the steering committee is a group of experienced and influential police and security professionals representing other international organizations, regional authorities from around the world, and national policing agencies; and includes the World Regional Chairs of the International Policing Division staff, U.S. Federal Agencies, and representatives of the private sector.

Clearly, this is no pedestrian group. The logistical realities around calling this group together, though, dictate that the entire committee is likely to meet just once per year.

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