Police Chiefs Call for Defeat of Medical Marijuana Legislation

Illinois Partners Providing Marijuana Education and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police joined with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and former Drug Enforcement Administration head Peter Bensinger to call for the defeat of legislation that would legalize marijuana for medical use in Illinois. HB 30, the Medical Cannabis bill sponsored by Rep. Lou Lang, is being considered in the Illinois House of Representatives.

“Every year, the use and the abuse of drugs kills tens of thousands of Americans and condemns countless others to a life of addiction, misery, and pain,” said IACP 2nd Vice President Chief Craig Steckler at a press conference held at IACP 2011. “All too often, these destroyed lives start with our nation’s youth, who use marijuana as a gateway drug. Yet despite these horrific statistics, there is an effort in many states and localities to consider legalizing marijuana and, in some instances, other drugs, to capture tax revenue.”

A comprehensive study, Marijuana Use and Motor Vehicle Crashes, just published on October 4, 2011, demonstrates marijuana use by drivers is associated with a significantly increased risk of motor vehicle crash.

“In my home state of California,” Steckler said,” we had a highly publicized fight over legalization last year. You may have heard that we beat Proposition 19. And I’m certain we’ll beat the Illinois proposal.”

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