Challenges and Opportunities for the New International Vice President

Guest Blogger: David Beer, International Policing Advisor, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Aligning the goals and the objectives of the International Policing Division with the IACP strategic plan will be the overriding preoccupation for our new International Vice President, Colonel Nelson Garcia. That, while executing the international plan in a difficult fiscal environment, will surely be the primary challenges.

Having been very engaged during his tenure as vice chair over the past two years, Colonel Garcia will be “up and running” as the International Steering Committee Chair and the International Vice President very quickly. He is well supported by the experienced team at the International Policing Division, led by Director Paul Santiago of the IACP.

Spending wisely, partnering strategically, communicating routinely, and building on recent success, the International Policing Division is really ready to take on the challenges. Let’s wish them well.

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