What More Can Be Done to Engage the International Population?

Guest Blogger: David Beer, International Policing Advisor, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The title of this post is a question that needs to be asked of the international membership. At the same time, there are seemingly obvious shortfalls in the IACP service and service delivery we might discuss. First among them must surely be our inability to engage in different languages. The cost of widespread translation and, in the case of conferences, interpreter services are prohibitive, and the technology of electronic translation falls short of professional standards and our needs.

Partial solutions rest in strategies of selective translation of certain popular topics, but until multiple translations are affordable and timely, we are left to do the best we can.

Perhaps regional publications or regional sections of Police Chief magazine are possible in some form? Perhaps the future will see IACP publishing only online, benefiting from lower cost and global access?

International representation on IACP committees is another consideration. Currently the international aspects of our service delivery focus largely on terrorism and transnational organized crime. In fact, there is virtually no aspect of policing or the police sciences that do not apply across other cultures, countries, and criminal justice systems. Wider international representations could impact positively and immediately, in both directions!

Regarding membership fees: Are they an issue, and should there be consideration of regional memberships? Is the reality of mandatory attendance at conferences in order to vote an issue at all for the international members?

Perhaps our first step should be to ask the questions of those most affected?  Let’s ask the question: How can we serve you better?

The IACP looks forward to seeing you in San Diego at IACP 2012, September 29-October 3.

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