Improving Information Sharing

Guest Blogger: Chief John Batiste, Washington State Patrol, General Chair of the Division of State and Provincial Police

The Division of State and Provincial Police recently formed the Information and Intelligence Sharing Subcommittee to help advance the IACP’s information sharing agenda. The subcommittee provides a forum for our members to bring issues to the forefront that affect the ability of law enforcement to keep our hometowns safe from crime and terrorism.

The first meeting of the group, which is chaired by Colonel Steve McCraw, Texas Department of Public Safety, was held in Chicago. Below are three of the group’s recommendations:

  • Information and Intelligence Sharing Hubs. Fusion centers should serve as the regional and statewide “all crimes” information and intelligence sharing hubs for local, state, and federal agencies. While owned by the states and cities, fusion centers are integral to the nationwide architecture and, as such, they should be fully supported and funded by the federal government.
  • Recognizing, Processing, and Analyzing Suspicious Behavior. We support the timely reporting of suspicious activity to a national system, but how it is tracked, analyzed, shared, and stored concerns us. We have no problem with having two national systems as long as the federal government takes action to ensure the systems are fully interoperable.
  • Bringing Smaller Agencies into the National Information Sharing Architecture. Smaller agencies have not been fully integrated into the information sharing environment and are a key missing component. Many do not have electronic records systems that allow them to be integrated into the national information sharing architecture. The federal government should support hosted solutions for small and rural departments.

Stay tuned for our next blog entry, to include other recommendations and actions that have occurred to improve information sharing, including working with other IACP committees and our federal partners.

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