An IACP Victory: Congress Approves D-Block Legislation, President Obama to Sign

Guest Blogger: IACP President Walter A. McNeil, Chief of Police, Quincy, Florida, Police Department

Walter A. McNeil, President, IACP

There has been a terrific development for the public safety community. As part of the payroll tax extension compromise, a deal has been reached on D-Block that includes

  • D-Block allocation for public safety,
  • funding ($7 billion) for a build-out of a nationwide public safety broadband network,
  • a good governance structure, and
  • preservation of the 700 megahertz narrowband mission-critical voice spectrum.

Congress approved the legislation today, and President Obama announced he will sign the legislation as soon as it reaches his desk.

As you know, the IACP has been working with the first responder community as part of the Public Safety Alliance for years to realize passage of this critical legislation. This is one of my top priorities as president of the IACP, and I am very pleased with this latest action.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t publicly thank Chief Harlin McEwen. Harlin has made this issue his life’s work, and there is no one who has worked harder for the IACP on this issue than Harlin. Please join me in thanking Harlin for his efforts.

Want to learn more about D-Block? Watch this.

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