The IACP’s YouTube Channel is a Gold Mine for Best Practices

In case you didn’t know, the IACP has its own YouTube channel.

We post segments from our annual IACP conferences and detailed examples of law best practices at law enforcement agencies.

IACPtv filmed and produced all videos that appear on the IACP YouTube channel. IACPtv will be covering IACP 2012 in San Diego, September 29-October 3. Stay tuned to this blog and other IACP social media (Facebook and Twitter) for information about this year’s filming.

It is so impressive to see and hear police officers talk about what they are doing to interrupt violence, improve customer service, promote homeland security and information sharing, and educate at-risk segments of their communities.

One video concerns efforts by the Des Plaines, Illinois, Police Department to empower elderly members of the community to avoid scams and being victimized.

Des Plaines, Illinois, is a suburb of Chicago with a population of 58,000. The senior citizen population is larger than that of school-age children. Senior citizens in the community were showing up in crime reports as victims. The police department’s Senior Citizen Police Academy is a 10-week program to teach seniors about the most prevalent scams, personal safety, and the police department itself.

Visit the IACP YouTube channel to view the other 27 videos currently available.

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