Looking to Recruit New Officers? Check DiscoverPolicing.org

By Tracy Phillips, Senior Project Specialist, IACP

For job seekers, especially in 2012, finding a job that’s a good fit can be a struggle. For hiring agencies, finding new officers who are a good fit for policing is equally as challenging.

The IACP wants to help you with the critical administrative responsibility of officer recruitment. 

DiscoverPolicing.org is a nationwide law enforcement career exploration and recruitment website designed to help you find, attract, and hire quality candidates from diverse backgrounds. Our focus is on providing visitors with a clear and accurate representation of what it takes to serve in law enforcement.  By promoting policing as a career and by helping you connect with interested, informed candidates, DiscoverPolicing.org serves as an effective, no–cost recruitment resource.  Our powerful online tools enable you to

  • advertise vacancies (sworn and civilian) nationwide,
  • customize postings with images,
  • allow candidates to apply online,
  • screen candidates with preapplication questions, and
  • search our nationwide resume database.

Whether or not your agency is currently hiring, you can help us promote the profession of policing–and increase your exposure with us for future hiring needs–by linking to us from your agency’s website, sharing officer testimonials, and distributing our broad range of free printed materials (available upon request).

DiscoverPolicing.org also serves as the official career center of the IACP, so it’s your go-to source for chief of police vacancies and IACP headquarters positions.

Log on and learn more at DiscoverPolicing.org or email discoverpolicing@theiacp.org.  

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