Chiefs Represent the IACP at Montenegro Meeting with the Southeast Europe Police Chiefs Association

IACP leadership is in Budva, Montenegro, this week to conduct a joint meeting with the Southeast Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) on the subject of cybercrime. More than any other issue law enforcement faces today, cybercrime crosses borders that are unseen and sometimes unknown to law enforcement. This is an issue of utmost importance to the international law enforcement community as it continues to fight terrorists who are increasingly using this method of terrorism.

Chiefs Meet in Montenegro

From left: Rob Wainwright, director, EUROPOL; Bozidar Vuksanovic, director general, Montenegro National Police; IACP President McNeil; and Ronald Noble, secretary general, INTERPOL

Also during this conference, IACP President Walter McNeil will be signing a memorandum of understanding with SEPCA to build partnerships and exchange ideas on such topics as cybercrime. In addition to world-renowned speakers, the conference lineup also includes Rob Wainwright, director of EUROPOL; conference host Bozidar Vuksanovic, director general of the Montenegro National Police; and Ron Noble, secretary general of INTERPOL. Besides President McNeil, 2nd Vice President Yousry Zakhary, Vice President at Large Patrick Foley, International Vice President Nelson Garcia, and Executive Director Bart Johnson are representing the IACP at the conference.

The IACP is committed to expanding its international presence. The association continues to plan global policing summits and hold regional conferences in all areas of the world, from Brazil to Estonia and from South Africa to Paris. Just this year alone, in addition to the conference in Montengero, the IACP will be holding conferences in Medellín, Colombia, in June and in São Paulo, Brazil, in July.

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