Volunteers in Police Service Celebrates a Decade of Service

By Jennifer Styles, Project Specialist, Volunteers in Police Service, IACP

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program is pleased to announce that it celebrates its 10th anniversary this month — May 2012! The VIPS program is administered by the IACP with the support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

VIPS Publication: "Volunteers in Police Service Add Value while Budgets Decrease"

VIPS Publication: "Volunteers in Police Service Add Value while Budgets Decrease"

Over the past 10 years, the roles that volunteers serve in law enforcement have expanded significantly. Volunteers support all types of law enforcement work. Here are a few examples from the past year:

  • Pasadena, California, Police Department volunteers assisted more than 800 victims of identify theft.
  • Rolla, Missouri, Police Department volunteers’ work in tracking pawn tickets and purchases of methamphetamine ingredients led to numerous theft and drug arrests.
  • Aurora, Colorado, Police Department volunteers submitted 35 composite sketches to detectives, which led to several arrests.

Today, there are 2,260 law enforcement volunteers in the VIPS Program Directory, representing 253,000 volunteers in all 50 states and in 20 international locations. In the past year, VIPS participants contributed 2 billion hours of volunteer service, equaling $42 billion in value added to law enforcement.

In recognition of our milestone year, we set a goal to register 200 new programs during 2012.  If your agency would like to register or update your VIPS profile, please contact Jennifer Styles.

To learn more about law enforcement volunteering and to explore VIPS resources, visit the VIPS website.

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