IACP Highway Safety Committee Holds Midyear Meeting in Tucson

By Richard J. Ashton, Guest Blogger; and Grant/Technical Management Manager, IACP

The IACP Highway Safety Committee held its midyear meeting June 6-9 in Tucson, Arizona. The committee, chaired by Assistant Commissioner Earl M. Sweeney of the New Hampshire Department of Safety, was hosted by Chief Daniel G. Sharp of the Oro Valley, Arizona, Police Department.

A presentation during the annual IACP Highway Safety Committee midyear meeting

A presentation during the annual IACP Highway Safety Committee midyear meeting

Representatives from the Ontario Provincial Police, Brazil’s Federal Highway Police, and the U.K.’s Road Safety Support attended at this meeting, among others.

Forty-five committee members, subject-matter experts, and committee guests held discussions on a variety of highway safety topics, including

  • updates from federal partners, including the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration;
  • updates from allied agencies, including the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the Governors Highway Safety Association, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and the National Sheriffs’ Association;
  • review and approval of the Traffic Incident Management Subcommittee’s new roll-call video, Manage to Survive: Traffic Incident Management for First Responders, which will debut during IACP 2012 in San Diego, California;
  • electric vehicle safety training for law enforcement;
  • new pursuit, video camera, and alcohol monitoring technologies; and
  • the next generation of license plates.

Highway Safety Committee members also selected winners for

The committee also held its usual informative roundtable discussion, during which members presented success stories and challenges.
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