Conference Spotlight: Police Psychological Services Section Track

During this year’s IACP Conference in San Diego, the Police Psychological Service Section Track will be providing a robust educational agenda. Serving as a resource for chiefs, psychologists, and others interested in the matter, this track will predominately focus on psychologically related issues in assessment, counseling, consultation, and operational assistance.

In this conference spotlight, the IACP is highlighting a special session and various resources offered during this year’s Police Psychological Services Section Track. Interested professionals and chiefs should come by the Psychological Services Track sessions for more detailed information on:

  • Suicide
  • Various psychological assessment tools in hiring and fitness-for-duty
  • Legal updates challenging the practice of psychologists, hiring managers, and employee relations professionals
  • Reintegration of veterans into law enforcement
  • Resilience and performance of officers
  • Dealing with sleep and fatigue
  • Overall mental health in the work place
Elizabeth White, PhD, Police Psychological Services Section Chair

Elizabeth White, PhD, Police Psychological Services Section Chair

To give further insight, Dr. Janet Kemp from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will be giving her presentation, Veteran Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, and Justice Outreach. In some situations, veterans experiencing mental challenges experience legal issues and crises that sometimes involve the police.  As a result, Dr. Kemp and the Department of Veterans Affairs will offer resources to assist with veterans in crisis to ensure positive outcomes.

Interested parties should stop by Room 6E during conference and learn about the importance of holistic health and understanding. For more information, contact Rebecca McClelland at

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