IACP Endorses DHS Active Shooter Program

Past and recent events always remind us of the serious and dangerous cases of active shooters. When they strike, the nation lies awake in shock while a local community is most certainly devastated. In most cases, if not all, communities contemplate what they could have done before and during such a tragic situation.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Program is meant to provide guidance for these specific incidents. Available to both public and private sector employees, the program focuses on how offices can prevent and respond to an active shooter situation.

The program consists of a combination of in-person seminars, on-line training, an archived webinar viewable on-line at any time, and various pocket resources.  Provided in both English and Spanish, these materials notify employees what course of action to take during the escalation, what workplace warning signs to look for, and how to respond when law enforcement arrives on the scene.

The Cross-Sector Active Shooter Security Seminar and Exercise Workshop is a great one-day workshop that engages attendees with a curriculum on the history of active shooter events, including common behavior, conditions, and situations associated with active shooters. FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) additionally, provides training though a 45 minute online course  complete with reviews, a final exam, and certificate.

Since its inception, the program has trained over 125,000 public and private sector employees in over 23 different locations. By fostering communication between critical infrastructure, local emergency response teams, and everyday civilians, society can work towards preparing, responding, and hopefully reducing the number of these incidents.

For more information on additional resources please contact: CFSTeam@hq.dhs.gov.

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