Conference Spotlight: Foundation Track

As chiefs face budget issues, locating new and diverse resources is a challenge.  More and more agencies are finding that police foundations can not only help meet those needs but can also help tie a department more closely to its community.

In this year’s annual IACP conference in San Diego, California, chiefs and police foundation executives are welcomed to stop by sessions of the IACP’s Police Foundations Track. Serving as a great knowledge base, the Foundation Track can illustrate how a police foundation can be a powerful and effective tool in your community. From starting a foundation to maintaining ethical standards and practices, the sessions of the track will answer your questions.

In this week’s conference spotlight, the IACP is focusing on a number of great sessions from San Diego’s Foundation Track.

  • With smaller budgets, one of the most important skills a department can develop is the ability to garner  support from the private sector.  The session “Understanding Police Foundations: What Chiefs Need to Know” will provide information and tactics on how to build private sector support for department efforts such as community policing, crime prevention initiatives, and equipment. With four fellow chiefs discussing  the benefits of having a police foundation, you will receive valuable peer-to-peer feedback.
  • It’s not a surprise that fundraising is one of the most challenging tasks of police foundations.  At the session “Bottomline: Effective Fundraising for Police Foundations I,” attendees will learn how police foundation executives structure their fundraising strategies and what works and what doesn’t.  Primarily focused on fundraising initiatives, this session, along with “Bottomline: Effective Fundraising for Police Foundations II,” will discuss addressing  needs often not met by municipal budgets.

In this time of continuing fiscal challenge, the Foundation Track sessions will provide information on practical strategies that could mean increased  resources for your department and community. For more information, email Patricia (Petey) Casstevens and remember to stop by at conference.

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