IACP Awarded COPS Grant to Combat the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

By Kelly Burke, guest blogger, Program Manager, Child Protection and Juvenile Justice

On Tuesday 7/31/12, the COPS Office Director, Bernard Melekian, announced an award for the IACP to develop a toolkit for law enforcement on the commercial sexual exploitation of children.   IACP’s collaboration with the COPS Office will incorporate and promote the principles of community policing through partnerships and proactive problem-solving practices to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities – children.

The overarching goal of this grant program is to improve law enforcement’s ability to recognize and respond to the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), which includes child trafficking, child prostitution, commercial child pornography and child sex tourism.  Efforts to build an effective law enforcement response in this area have gained momentum in recent years with critical specialist, multi-jurisdictional task forces across the country.  However, there is a lack of information, training and resources for front-line officers who are in the best position to recognize and respond to CSEC victims.

IACP resources developed under this program will target law enforcement in the field – it is these officers who have daily interactions within communities that have the greatest chance of recognizing and intervening with a CSEC victim.

The four primary objectives of this grant award include:

  • Raising awareness of CSEC to law enforcement in the field;
  • Examining the current state of law enforcement policy and practices in CSEC, determining gaps/needs and identifying promising practices in the field;
  • Producing tools and resources for law enforcement on how to recognize and respond to CSEC (e.g. roll call video training, community awareness video, online training, academy training curriculum); and
  • Promoting law enforcement coordination and collaboration with federal agencies, multi-jurisdictional task forces and non-profit service providers involved in CSEC.

IACP, in a unique partnership with the FBI, will develop a series of roll call training videos for law enforcement agencies across the country.  With the support of FBI’s Crimes Against Children Unit, the IACP will work directly with the FBI’s Video Production Team to produce the videos. This team utilizes cutting-edge technology to incorporate video (scripted, live action, in the field or in the studio) into interactive training.

For more information, contact IACP Program Manager, Kelly Burke, at burkek@theiacp.org.


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