Conference Spotlight: Open Forum on Homicide Investigative Practices

By Dianne Beer-Maxwell, Guest Blogger and Program Manager, Homicide Closure Rate Project, IACP

Homicide investigation closure rates have become critical performance indicators for law enforcement across the U.S. However, the complexity of homicide cases and the significant level of variables often make it difficult to explain low clearance rates, or even understand why other rates are high.  In either case, we know that thorough practices in homicide investigations have a direct impact on arrests, prosecutions, and clearance rates.

During this year’s IACP Annual Conference in San Diego, all attendees are invited to participate in an open forum discussion on executive level issues related to homicide investigative practices.

Homicides are highly visible and traumatizing crimes in any community, so there is considerable pressure to solve them quickly. However, homicide investigations are often very complex and time and resource intensive. A law enforcement executive has significant responsibility to the community, the governing body, and to their agency to ensure these cases are handled appropriately – what does that mean for your agency and your community?

In this week’s conference spotlight, the IACP is focusing on an open forum to discuss homicide investigative practices and the role of the law enforcement executive. Interested attendees are invited to join other law enforcement leaders at this interactive roundtable discussion. This discussion will be facilitated by Commissioner Ed Davis of the Boston Police Department and will be driven by the unique ideas offered by participants; questions from participants are encouraged. Topics addressed during the roundtable may include:

  • “De-mystifying” the homicide investigative process
  • Identifying what a quality homicide investigation should include
  • Prioritizing quality investigations

Join the discussion on Tuesday, October 2nd from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. in Room 22 of the San Diego Convention Center. Space is limited. For additional information about the open forum at conference or the Homicide Clearance Rate Project, contact Dianne Beer-Maxwell.

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