The IACP Commends AT&T for Raising Awareness of Dangers of Texting While Driving

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) commends AT&T for its efforts to raise awareness of the significant dangers of texting while driving. The IACP has long recognized that texting, making phone calls, and other distractions while driving created dangerous driving conditions.

Walter A. McNeil, president of the IACP and chief of police of Quincy, Florida, applauded the “It Can Wait” campaign: “The law enforcement community deals daily with the life-altering tragedies that result from texting while driving and reminds all drivers that glancing away from the road for two seconds or longer increases one’s risk of crashing. Certainly no text message or phone call is worth a collision.”

“The IACP stands with AT&T and urges its members to support the “No Text on Board Pledge Day” on September 19th by encouraging their officers, as well as the citizens of the communities they serve, to pledge not to text while driving on that or on any other day and to visit to obtain more information about AT&T’s life-saving effort. We can prevent traffic crashes and the deaths and serious injuries they cause by pledging not to do anything other than drive, while driving.”

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