IACP Announces 2012 Webber Seavey Award Winners

By Soojin Ock, guest blogger, IACP Legislative and Media Affairs

Sponsored jointly by the IACP and Motorola, the Webber Seavey Award is presented annually to agencies and departments worldwide in recognition of excellence in police work. Focusing on strengthening community relations, communications, and promoting overall law enforcement, the winners of the Webber Seavey Award are prime examples of effective law enforcement community programs.

As such, the IACP is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 IACP/Motorola Webber Seavey Award. Congratulations to the following three agencies and their programs:

Lighthouse Point Police Department: Transient Offender Interdiction Program

Fontana Police Department: Fontana Leadership Intervention Program

Albuquerque Police Department: Organized Crime Unit

Winning agencies will be spotlighted at the IACP/Motorola Webber Seavey Awards Breakfast as well as at the First General Assembly at this year’s annual conference in San Diego. Please join the IACP in congratulating and honoring these departments for their work in combating crime. For more information on the winners, visit www.theiacp.org/webberseavey.

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