Conference Spotlight: The Technology and Information Sharing Track

Law enforcement technologies are constantly evolving. To help keep up with the many changes, come by the Technology and Information Sharing Track at this year’s annual IACP Conference in San Diego. Focusing on current technology, these sessions can help you manage tools to enhance program effectiveness, improve officer safety, and support professional development of law enforcement personnel.

1)      Social media can play an integral role between communities and departments. With that in mind, join the “Measuring the Return on Your Social Media Presence” session to learn how to effectively use social media platforms to reach your target audience.

2)      When it comes to law enforcement, interoperability of information is key. At the session, “Transforming Regional Information Sharing Systems into a Statewide Data Sharing Initiative” learn how the California Emergency Management Agency and the Statewide Data Sharing Taskforce promotes information sharing through regional collaborations.

3)      Along with data sharing, data quality is significant for agency reporting and integral in criminal investigations. The session “Data Quality-From West Coast to East Coast, What Agencies Can Do to Make Information Sharing Programs Event Better” will demonstrate how effective governance, funding, user input, and technical expertise can make a difference.

With conference coming up around the corner, the Technology and Information Sharing Track is one to look for. We’ll see you in San Diego. Register today at

For more information on this track and its sessions, contact

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