IACP Releases Document Detailing Law Enforcement Officers Killed in 2011

Press Contact: Meredith Ward, WardM@TheIACP.org

On Saturday, January 1, 2011 Deputy Suzanne Hopper of the Clark County (OH) Sheriff’s Office was shot and killed while investigating an incident of gunfire. Deputy Hopper’s death was the first of 72 felonious fatalities that would occur in 2011. These 72 felonious line-of-duty deaths marked a 17-year high and an approximately 27% increase over 2010 figures.

Some may argue that the 58,000+ assaults and 50+ deaths experienced by law enforcement each year demonstrate the inescapable risks attached to the profession. However, the accepted philosophy must be zero tolerance with regard to injury and line-of-duty deaths.

In line with this mission, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is proud to introduce Law Enforcement Officers Killed by Felonious Assault in 2011.

This report focuses on prevention through awareness by bringing together brief summaries of each line-of-duty death from felonious assaults in 2011. The IACP’s goal is to begin the examination process of all prior assaults to improve information and response within the field.

IACP President Walter A. McNeil, Chief of the Quincy, Florida Police Department, said, “The safety of law enforcement officers continues to be the IACP’s top priority. As a police chief, I cannot overstate the impact a critical incidents, such as those summarized in this report, has on an agency.” McNeil continued, “The emotion and stress that these events place on leaders, line officers, family, and friends can be a major challenge to overcome. However, we must pull together in these difficult times and commit to taking steps today to prevent future tragedies. I believe this report is a step in the right direction.”

For more information and to view the document, please visit www.theiacp.org/NCPVAP

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