Conference Spotlight: Poster Sessions

The Poster Sessions at the IACP 2012 conference are designed to provide an opportunity for one-on-one information exchange on a wide range of topics. From creative management, new technology, and services to special groups, these Poster Sessions bring the experts directly to you. Stop by these sessions on Tuesday, October 2, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and enjoy lively discussion over popcorn. This year’s poster sessions are as follows:

1)      Training and Resource Management for Maritime Law Enforcement

2)      Smarter, Faster, Better: Using Data Visualization to Drive Intelligence-Led Policing

3)      Police Misconduct Issues: Police Explorers and Recent Reasonableness of Internal Affairs Investigations

4)      Over-the-Counter Countermeasures

5)      MedicAlert Access: Law Enforcement’s Portal to Protecting Your Community

6)      Essential Spanish Training for Law Enforcement

7)      Community Policing: An Indian Experiment with Thikri Pehra

8)      Lethal Violence Encountered During Law Enforcement Apprehension

9)      Imprinting Proactive Policing in a Police Culture through Data Driven Technology Implementation (Crime Reports)

10)   Identification and Referral of Medical Impairments in Older Drivers

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