Conference Spotlight: Legal Officers Section Track

IACP 2012 offers something for everyone in the law enforcement field, not just police officers and executives, but for legal advisors as well. The Legal Officers Section Track has numerous sessions planned for updating departments on current practices and emerging legal trends. These sessions include:

1)      Hosted by Gordon Graham, the session “The Legal Advisor’s Role in Risk Management” will focus on the top ten things that advisors can do to best manage risk for their agencies. The discussion will also cover the critical differences between root and proximate causation and how this difference is crucial to preventing tragedies.

2)      Beverly Ginn will be leading the session, “Supreme Court Update” which will center on recent Supreme Court decisions. As an overview of current cases, there will be a discussion on how these decisions will impact the law enforcement community.

3)      “Surveilling First Amendment Activity” will highlight the role of emerging drone technology. Panel members will discuss developing issues ranging from surveillance drones to exclusion zones including the rising role of the media.

4)      Lastly, the panel “Essential Job Functions, Disabling Conditions, and the Americans with Disabilities Act,” will be highlighting the often confounding area for chiefs and lawyers. The panel will address how to develop guidelines for agency physicians and avoid liability while insuring public safety.

The Legal Officers Section Track provides attendees with concise presentations and explanations on complex legal issues. For more information and to register visit For questions, contact

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