IACP Trivia Giveaway is On-Site in San Diego!

San Diego, California -- site of IACP 2012

San Diego, California — site of IACP 2012

Be sure to tune in to IACP’s social media channels to find out how you can win iPods, IACP store gift certificates, and Host Chief’s Night golden tickets!

The rules are straightforward:

Simply leave a comment on an IACP blog post (www.theiacpblog.org) and you’ll be entered to win a prize. Prizes will be available for pick-up on site in San Diego—or if you can’t make it to IACP2012, they will be shipped to you after conference. Also, follow the blog (www.theiacpblog.org) for conference updates, announcements, and late-breaking information about IACP 2012.

Best of luck!

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28 Responses to IACP Trivia Giveaway is On-Site in San Diego!

  1. gwendolyn parker says:

    The countdown is 2 hrs and 45 mins before Host city night can hardly wait. I have met so many wonderful people

  2. Maryellen Botsford says:

    Beautiful weather-friendly people and a wealth of valuable information – whats not to love?

  3. Ron Lawrence says:

    Great app! Very useful. I watched “Hero’s Behind the Badge” tonight. Excellent film. I encourage all to watch it. Great conference. San Diego is a great city!

  4. Will Dempster says:

    Checked in and having a fish taco and 32oz beer across the street at the Tin Fish. Looking forward to tomorrow’s events

  5. Robert Stevenson says:

    SACOP meetings were extremely informative

  6. Barry Wilson says:

    The APP has been great who ever made this happen gets a big thanks!

  7. JW Plouch says:

    Heroes behind the Badge Preview was great. I wish the room would have been filled. I can’t wait to get my copy.

  8. Bruce Bellamy says:

    Heros Honor Behind the Badge is a must see movie!!!

  9. david2240 says:

    San Diego–great place! Hope to attend next year, enjoy!

  10. JW Plouch says:

    Fixing to watch Heroes behind the Badge video. Looks like it is going to be a great conference.

  11. Dan Weiss says:

    Great idea! Can’t wait to get down there!

  12. Kim Ormonde says:

    Just left central California and are San Diego bound!!! Can’t wait to see everything the conference has to offer and listen to some extraordinary speakers.

  13. This is already a great experience

  14. Wesley Harris says:

    I want to win! My 13th conference. Lucky number.

  15. wish i could be there. enjoy the conference!

  16. Jill Stevenson says:

    Just got in and love the sunshine. All registered and looking forward to classes.

  17. William Slauson says:

    On our way to IACP. Looking forward to all the events and festivities,

  18. Mark Johnson says:

    Very anxious for conference to begin. Made the 2010 conference and took home so many awesome ideas! San Diego is such a great city, that it will be hard to leave here!

  19. Joe Gaudett says:

    Can’t wait to get there…see you all on Sunday!

  20. Brad Johnson says:

    Great morning walk along the waterfront with the beautiful Disney Dream in port. Registered and picked up my bag and look forward to a fantastic conference. Great to be here from Alaska!

  21. James Griner says:

    Looking forward to a great week with the IACP!

  22. iacpblog says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for the comments so far! When we pick a winner at random, we’ll notify you directly. Keep ’em coming!

  23. Sheila Batiste says:

    Having a great time, so far. Weather is fabulous!

  24. I love the IACP, the best way to keep worldwide enforcements linked as one!

  25. Kevin Morison says:

    I like prizes … and I like the IACP blog too!

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