Presidential Plenary Session–Preventing Violence Against the Police: Aiming for Zero

As evidenced by the number of line of duty deaths in 2011 from felonious assaults, the perils facing law enforcement officers are clear. Last year alone, 72 officers were killed due to felonious assault and between the years 2001- 2010, 541 other officers were killed in this way.

These line-of-duty deaths pose a major problem for law enforcement leaders as they take steps to protect those that protect and serve and this evidence shows that the need is greater than ever to develop solutions and preventative strategies that will begin to address this problem in police agencies.

As a champion of this effort, the IACP has a history of officer safety focused efforts and continues to lead the way in protecting officers. That is the focus of this plenary. In response to last year’s historic highs of line of duty deaths and in response to IACP President Walter McNeil’s top priority for this year the plenary will highlight two speakers’ recent experience with officer injury and police involved shootings in their agencies.

This will be followed by a town hall discussion led by IACP Executive Director Bart Johnson, where IACP wants to hear from you about ways that you are addressing this important issue in your agencies and ways that IACP can help you with future efforts. By attending and participating in this discussion you can help set the IACP officer safety agenda and shape officer safety efforts for all members.

Help the IACP help you with this important problem at the plenary session that will take place in the convention center on Monday, October 1, at 1:00 p.m. in Room 6A.

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