An International Perspective at IACP 2012

Colonel and General Commander Suamy Da Silva, Military Police of the Federal District, Brasilia, Brazil, is a first-time delegate at IACP 2012.

Colonel/General Commander Da Silva

Colonel/General Commander Da Silva

The general commander was kind enough to visit with IACP staff today to share the highlights of his experience in San Diego and his prospects for next year at IACP 2013 in Philadelphia.

“I am really impressed, first with the organization of the IACP conference and also with the magnitude of the conference itself. I had no clue how large this conference was,” the general commander said.

He specifically cited how the high level of knowledge presented within the workshops and educational sessions is applicable to all law enforcement professionals, regardless of whether they come from international agencies or domestic departments at the state, tribal, or local level.

“Although law enforcement agencies experience different realities, the subjects brought up at the conference are common to everyone,” he said. “For example, violent crime and homicides by teenagers and young people is a serious concern in Brazil. I am focused on bringing back solutions to this challenge through community policing.”

The general commander described the takeaway he is most looking forward to introducing to his agency: The participation of the community in the law enforcement process.

“The ‘see something, say something’ mentality is a brand new thing for the people of Brazil,” he said. “I look forward to adapting U.S. community policing techniques to the realities we face in Brazil.”

The fact that community policing solutions are being communicated by law enforcement practitioners who work in the field every day is a huge benefit, the general commander noted.

“The presenters brought practical examples–they don’t simply talk theoretically–and this enhances the concept and the understanding for all conference attendees,” he said.

The general commander looks forward to returning to the United States for IACP 2013 in Philadelphia.

“The experience was one of a kind and successful,” he said. “I plan to bring my experience back to Brazil, try to increase membership, and bring to IACP 2013 a great number of people from the Military Police–especially those in charge of management, measurement, and operations.”

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