IACP Fights Marijuana Legalization Proposals

By Meredith Ward, IACP Manager, Legislative and Media Affairs

The IACP continues to fight any and all proposals that would legalize or medically classify marijuana. The IACP membership has passed several resolutions that oppose any step towards marijuana legalization on the federal, state or local level.

In late September, the IACP and the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) sent a joint letter to Attorney General Eric Holder expressing concern over proposals in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. The letter read, “…a number of states and localities that have relaxed their laws on marijuana have since expressed regret—as illegal activity and crime have increased in and around dispensaries and decriminalized zones.”

IACP/NSA letter

The letter continued, “Proponents mislead the public about the impact of marijuana legalization and assert that revenue from a marijuana tax will fund treatment, prevention, enforcement, and end drug-related violent crime…the concept of marijuana legalization providing tax dollars to remedy all societal ills is simply not in touch with reality.

Additionally, earlier this week, the IACP participated in a press conference with former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition and the National Sheriffs’ Association, condemning the proposed state statutes and calling for their failure. The IACP will continue to fight any proposals that would legalize or decriminalize marijuana on all levels of government.

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