S&P Officer Safety Roll Call Video

Chief John Batiste, Washington State Patrol, Immediate Past S&P Chair

In our ongoing efforts to keep our officers safe, IACP Division of State and Provincial Police General Chair Mike Edmonson, Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, and IACP staff have prepared this 5-minute roll call video emphasizing to officers the importance of buckling up, avoiding unnecessary distractions in the patrol car, and the need to wear their body armor and public safety vest.

While Colonel Edmonson is speaking directly to troopers, the message applies to all law enforcement and should resonate with any trooper, officer, or deputy. I encourage you to have your officers view this as you continually work to provide them with the training and tools they need to return home safely at the end of their shift. You can view the video by clicking here.

We decided to produce this video after member agencies of the S&P Division lost 4 troopers in 5 days. Click here to read Colonel Edmonson’s statement about these LODD.

At the IACP, under the leadership of President Craig Steckler and under the auspices of the new Center for Officer Safety and Wellness, we will continue to strive toward the goal of zero officer deaths and serious injuries. Tragically, just within this past week, the Nassau County Police Department in New York lost two of their officers in the line of duty. One officer was struck and killed while investigating a traffic crash. Yesterday, they had an officer shot and killed while attempting to arrest a hit-and-run driver.

I am committed as an agency head and as Colonel Edmonson’s appointee from the S&P Division to oversee our officer safety efforts to do what I can to help law enforcement leaders protect those under their command. We owe it to our officers and their families.

Below, please find additional officer safety and wellness video resources:

  • The Immediate Past IACP President, Walter A. McNeil, participated in a webcast about preventing officer suicides with Assistant Attorney General Mary Lou Leary and COPS Director Bernard K. Melekian.  Also, participating in the webcast were John Violanti and Jim Sewell, two respected experts in the field. You can view the webcast here:   http://www.ojp.gov/newsroom/suicideweb.htm.
  • The IACP has posted on its YouTube channel the 23-minute roll call training video, Is Today Your Day. This excellent video, released last year, underscores the tragedies that result from officers’ failing to wear their seatbelts. It was produced by IACP with support from NHTSA, FHWA, and NSA. You can view the video here: http://youtu.be/Lv_viNAylqc
  • Please click here to view the Manage to Survive: Traffic Incident for First Responders video: http://youtu.be/FrnmYHq0LYs. This 18-minute video, which was released at our  IACP Conference, has already been viewed over 2,800 times. As California Highway Patrol Commissioner Joseph Farrow reminded us in San Diego upon the release of this video, too many officers are killed or seriously injured at the scene of minor traffic crashes.
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