New Year, New Goals

Tis the season to start making resolutions for the New Year. While most are making personal resolutions to join a gym or eat better, why not take a unique step to expand your professional horizons? IACP’s 2013 Annual Conference (IACP 2013) is one of the best opportunities for you, police executives, to come together, share ideas, and accomplish new career goals.

From October 19 to October 23, IACP will be hosting the 120th Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA. This conference and exposition brings together executives from around the world and introduces the latest and greatest technology in policing. If your goal is to keep up with current technology trends or learn about new equipment, the exhibition floor, with live demonstrations and over 750 booths will be worth your while.

Meeting new people is often another popular resolution so why not incorporate that into your career? IACP 2013 hosts over 14,000 individuals in a single convenient location.  At conference, network with numerous other executives and chiefs who similarly have years of experience serving in public safety.  With peers teaching educational sessions or plenaries , take the opportunity to learn how other departments and agencies handle a range of critical issues such as enhancing program effectives and improving officer safety.

Useful strategies, hands on training, equipment demonstration, and networking occasions are available to you at IACP 2013. Come enjoy a chance to meet with old friends, attend the numerous networking functions, and take part in a little friendly competition at the Competition Zone. Registration and housing opens May 8th so mark your calendars.

For more information on IACP 2013, visit our website,

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