Recognizing the Impact of Forensic Science on the Criminal Justice System

Every year, the IACP seeks to acknowledge pioneering efforts in the field of forensics by law enforcement. The August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award honors the proactive, innovative use of forensic technologies by law enforcement. Last year at the IACP Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, this award was presented to the Philippine National Police, the Boston Police Department, Detective Jason Moran of the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department (IL), the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association International (LEVA), and the Vancouver Police Department. To enhance their investigations, these agencies and individuals utilized ballistics labs, created and shared DNA profiles in the reexamination of unsolved homicides, and collaborated on the processing of video and audio evidence on the larger scale.

Is your department or agency engaging in the field of forensics in an innovative or highly effective way? Complete information, application, and submission criteria for the 2013 August Vollmer Award can be found at:

Awards are presented in the following categories: Current or Past Contribution by a Police Agency or Individual, Current or Past Forensic Science Collaboration, Innovation in Forensic Technology (by an Individual or Forensic Science Provider in the Public or Private Sector), and Significant Investigative Value in a Major Crime.

For further information contact IACP Forensic Committee staff liaison Michael Rizzo at or 800-843-4227 ext 818.

Submission deadline has been extended to April 15th, 2013

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