Inside the SACOP Midyear Meeting

The Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police (SACOP) held its Midyear Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, March 9-11, 2013. SACOP is the organizing body for the 50 state associations of chiefs of police, facilitating the exchange of information both to leadership and policy makers, and into the field. Our membership is comprised of the decision-making body of each state association of chiefs of police: The presidents of the individual state associations; the state representatives who serve as the state’s SACOP liaison (often a board officer); and the executive directors who oversee and manage the associations.

The SACOP Midyear is designed to allow the various state association leaders to interact and learn from each other, while informing IACP about state issues and concerns. Training programs included Building an Effective and Dynamic Board; The Sandy Experience for Toms River, NJ; Improving Information Sharing to Combat Crime and Terrorism; Drug and Firearm Trends; and Pre-Trail Release and Officer Safety.

Additionally, SACOP Regions (Mountain Pacific, North Atlantic, South, and North Central) met to discuss issues affecting their respective states. Topics such as firearms legislation, increase in methamphetamine drug use, marijuana legalization and decriminalization, budgets, pension, unmanned aircraft, other legislative issues, and officer safety were discussed. These Regional forums allow for unfettered insight into what state, local, and tribal law enforcement face on a daily basis in the field.

SACOP will next meet at IACP 2013 in Philadelphia. Visit our webpage for more information:

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