By James W. McMahon

ImageAs the U.S. Congress begins consideration of several proposals designed to address issues related to gun violence and the illegal use of guns, members of the IACP leadership met with Vice President Joseph Biden to discuss the urgent need for action on these critical issues. Among the IACP Members present were IACP 4th Vice President Terry Cunningham and Vice President at Large Jim Craze.

During his speech and subsequent meeting, Vice President Biden stressed the importance of passing legislation that would address the approximately 40% of weapon transfers that take place without a background check. In addition, the Vice President also discussed the need to enhance the tools that law enforcement agencies need to deter, detect and apprehend straw purchasers. The IACP, based upon membership resolutions, has long supported both the expansion of the background check system and enhanced efforts to combat straw purchasers.

The Vice President’s meeting with law enforcement leaders followed a morning meeting where he met with several of the families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shooting. The Vice President was personally touched by the his conversations with the families and he rhetorically asked those in attendance, “How can we as a Nation tell them that we can do nothing?” The Vice President also thanked law enforcement officers for all they do and asked for their support on this important issue.

The Senate is expected to begin consideration of this legislation later this week.

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