IL3CP Project Receives Praise and Recognition

Maricopa County (Arizona) Attorney Bill Montgomery recently announced that he is realigning attorneys from the Criminal Division of his office to work in designated geographic regions of the county in an effort to become more familiar with community problems and help to reduce crime. His decision was based primarily on the success of the Intelligence Led Community Policing, Community Prosecution and Community Partnerships (IL3CP) project in Mesa, in which his office participated. Funded by a grant from the COPS Office, the IACP began working with the Mesa Police Department, Mesa City Attorney’s Office and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in July, 2011 to implement IL3CP, an innovative crime reduction strategy developed in Rockland County New York. The project was implemented in a community in Mesa known as ‘D Block’- a community with a long history of crime, violence, and poor living conditions.

Since the implementation of the IL3CP project in D Block, crime and violence has been reduced and living conditions for residents has steadily improved. A very successful Youth Employment program was also developed to assist local teens with job training and employment.

The most successful outcome however, was the high levels of cooperation, communication, and cooperation created between all of the government, public, private and community groups that participated in the project. This highly successful collaboration provided a framework to resolve community problems quickly and efficiently, without added costs or additional personnel from police and prosecutors.

Based on the success of the IL3CP project in Mesa and two other pilot cities, IACP representatives have been invited to present the project at other conferences, including:

  • National Association of Attorneys General, Mid Western Conference. April 25, 2013, in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference. July 23, 2013, in Savannah, GA

Watch Bill Montgomery’s press conference regarding IL3CP:

Read about the success of the IL3CP project in reducing crime in Mesa:

For more information on IL3CP, visit the project webpage ( or contact Project Manager Rick Lisko at

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