International Partnerships: IACP in Southeastern Europe & the Caribbean


Attendees of the Annual Meeting for the Southeastern Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) stand together for a group photo, April 2013

In order to stay connected with law enforcement leadership worldwide, the IACP works closely with like-minded organizations, including the Southeastern Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) and the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP). Both these organizations held their annual meetings at the end of April and sent invitations to the IACP, a special privilege considering both events are by invitation only!

Held the last week of April in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, the SEPCA Annual Meeting included Director Generals and or their deputies from the ten member countries.  IACP Vice President Treasurer Dwight Henninger, and Parliamentarian Ellen Hanson were accompanied by International Policing Division Director Paul Santiago.  This meeting covered a variety of topics, including women’s leadership issues, an organized crime proposal with the Austrian government, and organizational funding models to strengthen SEPCA’s viability.  Also included on the program was a presentation, given by Director Santiago, covering benefits of IACP membership and the cooperative nature of the IACP/SEPCA relationship, exemplified by a Memorandum of Understanding signed last year.

The following week, the IACP was represented by Vice-Presidents at Large, Kent Barker and Jim Craze, again accompanied by Director Santiago, at the ACCP Annual General Meeting in Hamilton, Bermuda. The relationship between these organizations is very close inasmuch as the ACCP president, Commissioner Ellison Greenslade of the Royal Bahamas Police Service, is not only the IACP World Regional Office Chair for Central America and the Caribbean, but is also on the IACP Executive Committee.  As the meeting’s theme was ‘Police and Public Partnerships: Joining up Prevention, Intervention and Enforcement Strategies to Tackle Gangs and Youth Violence’, many of the presentations focused on the role of the community in gang intervention programs, including a presentation on best practices from Commissioner David Baines of the Grand Cayman Islands. The IACP representatives took every opportunity to highlight benefits of membership, as well as the establishment of the IACP Center for Officer Safety & Wellness.

For more information about these organizations, please visit their websites:

Southeastern Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA):
Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police:

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