IACP International Leadership Opportunity!

At this year’s annual IACP Conference in Philadelphia, the IACP International Policing Division Steering Committee (IPDSC) will elect the next Division Vice Chair. As outlined in the IACP Constitution, the individual in this position serves in a supportive and advisory role for two years under the International Vice President, and then automatically assumes that position for a two-year term, and as such, becomes a member of the IACP Board of Officers.

The International Policing Division is now seeking nominations for the position of IACP International Division Vice Chair!

While only members of the IPDSC may nominate prospective candidates, we encourage any interested members to reach out to us and we will help unite interested parties with IPDSC members from their part of the world. For more information about the members of this committee, please refer to the roster on the IACP website.

A few considerations for interested candidates – please take note that the current Division Vice Chair is from Canada, and as such any candidate from Canada for this year’s selection would be precluded from being nominated, but could be kept for consideration in 2015. The candidate must be either an IACP Active or Life member (Associate members are not eligible to hold this office). Nomination letters and supporting documents will be screened for meeting selection criteria by the Subcommittee on Nominations and Elections, who will then submit eligible nominations to the members of the IPDSC. At the Annual Conference, nominees will have the opportunity to address the IPDSC on Sunday, October 20th, at 9:30 AM. The IPDSC roster is available via the IACP website.

Nomination letters and any supporting documentation should be submitted to the Director of the International Policing Division of the IACP, Paul E. Santiago, at santiago@theiacp.org no later than September 20, 2013.

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  1. Tarun says:

    This summit will provide the leadership of the international law enforcement community with the opportunity to unite and forge a new way forward for our profession.

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