Vermont State Police Lays Down the Law – with LPO

The Vermont State Police (VSP) has become one of the fastest growing and innovative IACP partner organizations within the Leadership in Police OrganizationsSM (LPO) program.  Colonel Tom L’Esperance brought the program to VSP in 2010 and graduated from the first LPO course that year.

VSP has become a model agency in the way that they have utilized the LPO final group projects to create an immediate change within the organization.  The third and final week of class during the LPO course, teaches students about Leading Organizations and Change.  Before graduation, students who have been working in groups are required to choose a topic related to creating a real organizational change.  Using the information and theories learned throughout the three-week course, these groups present to the instructors, classmates, and organization command-staff members, a blueprint for creating this change.

The Vermont State Police has taken the final project a step further and have expected graduates to continue their efforts in implementing their projects after the course has been completed.  Just a couple weeks ago, students from a 2012 Vermont State Police LPO course watched as their final group project, which was turned into a bill, was signed into law. Bill H.522, is an act relating to strengthening Vermont’s response to opioid addiction and methamphetamine abuse.

To read more about VSP’s LPO achievements and more detailed information about the signing of Bill H.522, please follow the link below.

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