Conference Spotlight: Exhibit Education, It Doesn’t Stop

Like all other IACP events, education and training is the number one priority for IACP 2013. In other words, education just doesn’t stop.

From October 20th to 22nd, IACP 2013’s Exhibit Hall will be open for our annual exhibition show and educational programs. Ranging from demos to informational sessions, there’s no way you can walk away without learning about cutting edge technology or strategy.

You can be the first at conference to witness AUVs in our Unmanned Vehicle Demo Zone in Booth #2451.  This live Demo Zone will feature the most advanced unmanned vehicles applied to law enforcement today. Feel free to stop by to ask questions about how they can be used in your department or watch them maneuver around obstacles in the air or on the ground.

Our Innovation Theatre is another excellent educational forum. With 13 sessions scheduled, you’ll be hearing about some of the smartest ideas worth communicating in the law enforcement profession.  Each presentation is 20 minutes long and through our rigorous selection process, we’ve ensured that each session conveys understanding of the most complex issues today. Lastly, our Solutions Presentations Theatre is a great platform for industry experts. In 45 minute increments, these presentations are packed with product knowledge and solutions to everyday policing challenges.

At IACP 2013, the education truly never stops. Come by to any of these sessions during conference and learn more about how to translate what you learn to what you do in your department. For more information, visit our conference website and we’ll see you in Philly.

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