Conference Spotlight: Technology and Information Sharing Track

Ever wonder how the world of policing is changing with the introduction of new technologies? How identification technologies are enabling officers in the field to quickly verify or establish identity with biometric precision? At the 120th Annual IACP Conference and Expo, from October 19 until October 23, dozens of experts are convening to highlight and demonstrate new technologies and solutions in the Technology and Information Sharing Track.

Workshop topics come in a wide variety, addressing such topics as crime mapping, facial recognition, digital evidence recovery, social media, and the latest information on the public safety broadband network. One workshop that you will not want to miss at IACP 2013 is the “Three R’s of Information Sharing” (Monday, October 21, 8:00-9:30 AM). Attendees will learn how two jurisdictions—San Diego, California, and the state of Maryland—have implemented new technologies and information-sharing capabilities to empower the officer in the field, providing critical information when and where it’s need.

Another educational workshop you will not want to skip is “Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) for Law Enforcement: Beyond the Comm Center.” This session will provide the basic information every chief needs about NG911 including a basic technology overview, discussion of how NG911 will work with new public safety broadband initiatives and an update on the role of state and federal agencies in making the transition.

These and many more workshops are offered in the Technology and Information Sharing Track at IACP 2013, investigating new and emerging technologies, policies and practices.  This track offers sessions throughout the entire conference, from Saturday, October 19, through Wednesday, October 23.

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