IACP in Africa: Upcoming Conference in Kigali, Rwanda!

Looking forward to international regional conferences for 2014, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is engaged in discussions with the top cop in Rwanda, Inspector General Emmanuel K. Gasana.  The IACP International Policing Division Director, Paul Santiago visited Rwanda early in July to discuss the Association’s involvement in the region and potential for future collaborative efforts.During his visit, Inspector General Gasana invited Director Santiago to participate in the opening ceremonies of the “Unite Africa” Command Post Exercise (CPX).  The CPX marked the “Implementation of the Kigali International Conference Declaration,” regarding the prevention of violence against women and girls.  When speaking to the participants of this meeting, which included senior level officials from around the region, Director Santiago highlighted the work being done by the IACP in this arena and included details on the benefits of membership with the organization.  Apart from the opening ceremonies, Director Santiago further spread the message of the IACP by addressing the representatives from the 35 African countries present.

Members and agencies who are interested in becoming involved in the African region are encouraged to keep an eye on the IACP blog and website for more information regarding this conference!

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