Conference Spotlight: Chief Executive Track

With new laws and policies being implemented rapidly to address law enforcement practices in today’s society, the Chief Executive Track focuses on the most pressing problems currently facing police chiefs and provides opportunities for fine-tuning individual leadership skills. It is also the primary and largest track held at the 2013 IACP conference.

An incredibly important and relevant session being offered in the Chief Executive Track is the “Newtown, Aurora, Oslo, Sanford, et al.: Strategies to Help Prevent, Deter, Respond, and Recover from Critical Incidents and Threats in Your Community” workshop. With several devastating and highly-publicized shootings happening in the past few years, it is important for police executives to develop a community response initiative and deal with the inevitable media wave that these events precipitate. Questions regarding the debate between mental health and gun control will be addressed.

Speaking of media frenzies, another workshop entitled “Helping Law Enforcement Respond to Mass Gatherings Spurred by Social Media” discusses the protests that are spawned from a single Tweet or Facebook post. With the information from this educational session, law enforcement executives can gain a better understanding on how to keep their skills sharp and the playing field level.

This track is offered throughout the entire conference, beginning Saturday, October 19, and ending Wednesday, October 23. Be sure to include the Chief Executive Track in the sessions you plan on attending!

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