Conference Spotlight: Foundation Track

In the spotlight: the Foundation Track at IACP 2013! This is an excellent resource for police chiefs and police foundation executives, as the sessions will focus on such important issues like handling a public/private business relationship, learning how to budget these partnerships, and hearing chiefs’ perspectives on these affiliations.

If you’re a police foundation executive looking for ways to effectively run your organization on a day-to-day basis, then the “Getting in the Weeds: Strategies for Daily Foundation Management” workshop is for you! This session will provide insight on various strategies on enhancing communication within your foundation. It will also address implementing social media strategies to increase your presence in that realm.

Also in IACP’s Foundation Track is the important seminar “Police Foundations in 2013: Chiefs’ Perspectives You Should Hear.” Dennis Butler, chief of the Ottawa Police Department, will share insight on the potential in collaborations between police departments and foundations. For example, foundations can supply a police department with funding for initiatives and programs that might not be available in your city’s current budget!

The Foundation Track offers workshops on October 21 and 22 but be sure to come for the entirety of IACP 2013, October 19 through 23! Experience Philadelphia while you’re at it, with some helpful tips here:

More information and FAQs are available on our conference website, See you in Philly!

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