National Forensic Science Week

The International Association Chiefs of Police, along with the Major Cities Chiefs Association, the Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies, the Major County Sheriffs Association and the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations, is proud to recognize the significant contribution of forensic science professionals in the cause of justice throughout the United States.  From crime scene processing to fingerprints to DNA analysis to digital forensics, forensic scientists provide law enforcement with reliable investigative leads that help identify the guilty and exonerate the innocent.  As such, the IACP, and the other aforementioned organizations, are recognizing August 11-17, 2013, as National Forensic Science Week.

All departments are encouraged to participate in this week of recognition, through local proclamations, organized tours for legislators, and events for your forensic staff.  The tours of forensic facilities, whether full service crime labs or crime scene processing units, will provide policy makers with a working foundation of the capabilities and needs of forensic services throughout the country.  Coordination with our legislators and their staffers can ensure that they have the correct information as they prepare bills to provide funding, resources, and oversight for forensic science. Please visit the IACP Forensic Science Committee webpage for the National Science Forensic Week planning guide and flyer.

If you have any questions regarding Forensic Science Week, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Stoiloff, Co-Chair of the IACP Forensic Science Committee, at

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