Conference Spotlight: International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers (IMPACT) Track

If you plan on attending IACP 2013 from October 19 until October 23, make sure to check out the International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers (IMPACT) Track! Focusing on the education, coordination and training of police departments, this section offers workshops presented by international police chiefs that offer information that applies to agencies across the globe.

Action Learning: Learner-Centered Applications for Active Learners: This seminar addresses learning applications that span the multi-generational workforce to improve performance, employing the same methods used by professional athletes and artists.

Addressing the Needs of Police Organizations Following Incidents of Mass Violence: Featuring speakers from the Oslo Police District in Norway, the University of Oklahoma, and the National Police Directorate, this workshop focuses on post-event police education and training related to incidents of mass violence.

These and other workshops are available in the IMPACT Section, which offers sessions during the conference from October 19 through October 23. Don’t miss out on these important topics and networking opportunities at IACP 2013!

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