Conference Spotlight: IACP Programs and Research Track

If you’re attending the 120th IACP Annual Conference and Expo from October 19 until October 23, and would like to experience the types of research that the IACP investigates, please consider attending a few sessions in the IACP Programs and Research Track! The IACP carries out numerous initiatives and projects to equip police executives globally with the tools they need, and this track gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in that research. Here are the topics in this track for which IACP team members have done some ground-breaking research:

  • Addressing Online Radicalization to Violence
  • Assessment Center 101: Using Job Simulations to Make the Best Promotional Decisions
  • From Survey Results to Action: Smart-on-Crime Juvenile Justice Strategies
  • Highly Visible Traffic Enforcement Drives Truck and Bus Safety
  • IACP Women’s Leadership Institute: Recruiting, Promoting and Developing Women Leaders
  • Inside an IACP Management and Operational Review: Where to Start, What to Expect and How to Learn from the Experience
  • Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO): An Investment in Leadership Development and Organizational Change
  • Leading the Way: Improving Case Outcomes through Trauma-Informed Victim Response
  • Police Culture and Policing Research: Finding Common Ground
  • Risk Mitigation, Media Relations and Officer Safety Issues: Working with Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Social Media: What Every Chief Needs to Know
  • The Link Between Wellness and Officer Safety
  • Unified Messaging Task Team (UMTT): A Call to Action: The Need to Support Suspicious Activity Reporting

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