Conference Spotlight: Legal Officers Section Track

If you’re planning on attending IACP 2013, make sure to attend a few sessions in the Legal Officers Section Track! With new liabilities for police departments surfacing every day with the evolution of technology, policies, laws and forensics, the Legal Officers Section Track is important to keep your agency up with the changing times. Check out these two examples of workshops from this track:

Crowd Control Standards: Protecting First and Fourth Amendment Rights: If you’ve been shocked by how quickly protests and demonstrations can grow in size due to a single Facebook post or Tweet, consider attending this session! The speakers will discuss how to protect the protestors’ rights; they will also make recommendations for updating policies and training. A mishap with an untrained officer could become the headlines for the evening news, so come and learn how to avoid these mistakes!

The Future of Forensic Evidence and Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence: The use of forensic evidence and ways to collect it have expanded with leaps and bounds in recent years, and with these expansions comes potential liabilities when dealing with the Fourth Amendment. The future of DNA collection will be addressed as the courts continue to analyze and interpret the Fourth Amendment. As forensic evidence is crucial to crime solving, this is a session you will not want to miss!

Convinced yet? You should be! The Legal Officers Section Track offers sessions during the conference from October 19 through October 21, but be sure to stay for the entire conference, which ends October 23!

If you have any queries, you should pay a visit to the official conference website at

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