Conference Spotlight: Second General Assembly a Tribute Honoring the Boston Bombing Terrorist Attack Law Enforcement Leaders with Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis

The response to, and investigation of, the Boston Marathon Bombing provided a shining example of effective leadership, true collaboration, and trusting partnerships. The actions by all during that tragic event reaffirmed that collaboration, information and intelligence sharing among federal, state, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies needs to continue in order to combat the increasingly diverse threats facing communities around the world.

During the IACP’s Second General Assembly, the IACP will pay tribute to the extraordinary work performed by all the law enforcement agencies involved in the response and investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The great work done by the law enforcement agencies and leaders during that horrific ordeal gave the city, the surrounding area, and the nation, the confidence that law enforcement was working together and using everything at their disposal to bring the Boston bombing incident to a swift close. It also sent a message to future terrorists, that we are a strong country and are united as one team in our fight to prevent tragedy and safeguard our nation’s citizens.

You will also have the opportunity to hear from Boston’s police commissioner, Edward Davis. Commissioner Davis will provide the “inside story” on the Boston Marathon bombing and the manhunt that ensued. He will speak about the response and investigation, as well as the effects of the Boston bombings on the city, state and nation in regards to law enforcement.

Commissioner Davis has had a very impressive law enforcement career, beginning with the Lowell, Massachusetts, Police Department. During his twelve years as superintendent of police in Lowell, the city experienced a 60% reduction in Part I crime. He became the Boston police commissioner in 2006, and remained committed to community policing combined with predictive policing.  Under Commissioner Davis’ leadership, the City of Boston has continued to experience a reduction in crime.

Don’t miss the opportunity to honor and thank all the law enforcement agencies for their exemplary work during the Boston bombing and to hear Commissioner Davis speak on Tuesday, October 22, from 10:00-11:30 AM in the Terrace Ballroom! For additional information, please visit our Special Events page on our Conference website.

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