The IACP Midsize Agencies Section members from Illinois held a “working lunch” meeting on August 20th as part of the Midwest Security & Police Expo in The Chicago suburb of Tinley Park


Photo by Lori Brudzisz

Chief Steve Neubauer served as host for the meeting that was underwritten by Motorola. Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Counter-Terrorism Todd Carroll of the F.B.I. Chicago office delivered a briefing to the group of police chiefs representing agencies in Illinois that fall into the “Midsize” section (populations of 50,000 to 500,000).  He spoke about the various foreign and domestic terrorist threats facing the Illinois region.  Later in the afternoon, Chief Tim McCarthy of Orland Park Police Department moderated a round table discussion on a variety of topics including:

  • Preparing for new “concealed carry” laws in Illinois
  • Mandatory sentencing laws for gun violence
  • Preparing for new medical marijuana laws in Illinois
  • A re-cap of the Mid Size Agency Section meeting held in Alexandria Virginia April 23 & 24th
  • The upcoming IACP conference in Philadelphia, and the Mid Size Agencies Section meeting during the conference on Sunday, October 20th 8:30am (room 103A)
  • Pending state legislation and lobbying efforts by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

The group of 28 chiefs represents the agencies that police 1/5 of Illinois residents living outside the city of Chicago.

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